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Welcome to the website of the Flushing-North Shore Branch of the National Association of University Women. We are so glad that you have decided to take the time out to learn about us as an organization and a branch as well as the great work we have done over the last 25 years. As we reflect on our 25 year legacy, we hope that you will join and support us as we continue to reach new heights in scholarship and service.

Women who are representative of our four founders. We strive to have the same impact on the youth of our community in a variety of ways.  As a group, we promote scholarship in the form of an annual scholarship event where we financially support eligible students who seek degrees of higher learning. Through the formation of our youth group, we mentor adolescent girls exposing them to women of varied professional backgrounds and experiences they may not have the  chance to involve themselves in. Since education is a paramount principle, our reading jubilee is developed to involve parents and their children in a program that engages the audience through hands on activities that foster the love of learning.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built as a dynamic, innovative and trailblazing branch. As women who have a strong desire to continue fostering the ideals of our founders, we the ladies of Flushing- North Shore welcome you to view our site and participate in our programs and activities to experience the magic of Flushing- North Shore branch first hand.

With a giving heart,

Carmelitta B. Cunningham

Branch President

2019 - 2020 Flushing North Shore Branch Executive Committee Officers

Carmelitta B. Cunningham, President 

Tanisha E. Teal, First Vice President
Dionne Dixon-Allen, Second Vice President
Jennifer Gumbs, Corresponding Secretary
Karen Richardson-Joseph, Recording Secretary
Jovona Bethel, Treasurer
Tanisha Byron, Financial Secretary




The mission of the National Association of University Women is to serve women, youth and the disadvantaged in our communities and in developing countries by addressing educational issues, advancing the status of women's issues, and strategically partnering with allied organizations.




Past Presidents

*Cheryl L. Phipps,  1995-1999**

Constance Brown, 1999- 2003

Cynthia J. Gresham, 2003- 2007

Entrateca M. Robinson, 2007-2011

Tracey Ann N. Barclay, 2011-2015

Kisha T. Clinton, 2015- 2019




* Founding President
** Deceased


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